Our schools are being dragged down by the fiscal mismanagement of Springfield. Without a strong and vibrant school system, Aurora’s future will not be as great as we want it to be.

The Solution:

  • Work with school administrators to lobby Springfield for equitable school funding so that homeowners are not over taxed to finance schools.
  • Work with the school districts, public servants, business owners, and parents to create an Education Commission that will find ways to lower costs to help relieve stress on budgets and helping pool resources to more effectively provide additional savings that can be used to help children in all school districts.
  • As part of the Education Commission, a collaborative grant writing initiative will allow the school districts to secure funding to improve buildings, educational instruction programs, afterschool programming and job training.
  • We must work with neighborhood organizations to increase alternative career options such as credentialing and badging for non-college attending youth to receive advanced training and education (non-degree based) that is accepted by employers.
  • We will work with the school districts to enhance and increase work-study programs that provide employment opportunities to students while allowing them to get their education.
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