National Coalition of 100 Black Women to Open Chapter in Aurora with Support of Mayor Richard C. Irvin

Aurora, IL - During their June Leadership Conference in Chicago, Mayor Richard C. Irvin and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW) National President Virginia W. Harris discussed the opportunity to bring the nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to empowering black women and girls to Aurora. Their addition to the city will help inspire the well-being of black women and girls in the community.

Founded in 1970 and established in 26 states, NCBW predicates itself on health and education advocacy with economic empowerment for black women and girls to help transform lives and enhance their personal development. Offering educational support, mentorship programs, and leadership training, NCBW fights to overcome inequalities in society and promote gender equity.

NCBW President Harris is optimistic a chapter will open in Aurora in the spring of 2025. To prepare, Mayor Irvin will gather the chapter’s founding members from community leaders across the city. Once organized, Mayor Irvin looks forward to future collaborations between the national organization and fellow city chapters in Illinois to foster inclusivity and support black women and girls in Aurora.

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